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 actron cp9690 product review

Review On Actron CP9690 AutoScanner

For potential beginning users, OBD2 scanners might appear to be somewhat intimidating, and you might feel like you need to take a class to understand how to use it completely. Although OBD2 scanners are a lot simpler than they might seem, Actron has gone out of its way, producing a full legitimate OBD2 scanner that's quite easy to use even for those who are beginners. Fortunately, it won't cost a lot either.

The Actron CP9690 Elite AutoScanner offers users all standard OBD2 functions and provides outstanding customer support. Also, there's a large database that is full of potential fixes to instantly provide you with the exact ideas of the parts on your vehicle that need attention. Due to that, it is among the top OBD2 scanners that are currently available and one of the country's top sellers.

 actron cp9690 product review

1About This Product

The Actron CP9690 has been designed to be simple to use and accessible, which makes it a very appealing option for anyone who hasn't ever used an OBD2 scanner in the past. Although it might be designed for new users, the device easily holds its own in terms of all of the various functions that it provides. The OBD2 scanner is completely compatible with all cars that are manufactured after 1996 and some older OBD1-compliant models that were made during the early 1990s. The product is available in three languages, and some people might find that quite useful.

The CP9690's screen is one of its stronger points. Although some OBD2 scanners use a simpler, smaller screen that is similar to what a calculator has, a very vibrant, large screen is used by the CP9690 that makes it really enjoyable to use. It comes in multiple colors, which allows you to track data more efficiently, and provides you with an improved insight into whatever information you are looking at; also, it looks good and gives the device with a bit of extra flair. It is easy to navigate through the menu once the CP9690 has powered up, and that only takes a couple of minutes. Its menu keys are functional and clear, so not a lot of time is needed to determine the different parts of its menu that you might need to access right away.

The CP9690 is full of manufacturer-specific DTCs that allow you to be always certain that you are getting the precise information for your specific car. Also, you can graph data and record and play the car information back later. There is also printing support available for PCs.

The CodeConnect technology from Actron is one of the biggest selling points of the CP9690. CodeConnect allows access to a big database containing more than 26 million verified code fixes. A team of ACE-certified mechanics has verified and reported the fixes.

The technology provides the CP9690 with superior ability to give users more than merely basic diagnostic codes. These recommended fixes are ideal for home mechanics, and when taking your car to a mechanic, you can have the diagnostics already taken care of. After just a couple of repairs, you will have more than made up for its cost. It is also possible to update the CP9690. A connector cable and USB port can be used to update the device's codes, as new car models get added to its database.

Along with all of that, the CP9690 is also able to clear maintenance lights and codes for various issues and allow you to monitor alternator and battery status within minutes. You can back up the data for a long period of time through the use of internal battery power rather than the port in the car. You can store as many as five car data searches, which allows you to contrast and compare the performance and status of a car over a certain time frame.

 actron cp9690 review

2Best Features Of The Actron CP9690

There is an impressive list of features and functions offered by the CP9690, especially given its affordable price. Its detail and screen sizes are among the first things to stand out when you first start using it. If what you are used to is a boring, drab, smaller black and white screen that other devices offer, then you will find it a lot more fun to use the CP9690. As stated previously, the colors make it much easier to read the data in graph and chart form also.

The CodeConnect feature is the other major advantage. By just touching the hotkey that is included, the CP9690 instantly searches for fixes that are recommended and displays them with precise detail on the screen in terms of the part and section of the car you are looking at. That eliminates having to worry about what you need to do after the codes have been accessed to a vehicle that is having problems. The CP9690 gets directly to the point and will tell you the action that is most likely need to be taken, whether it is by your mechanic or you.

 actron cp9690 product review

3Things You Won't Like

For a scanner that is this inexpensive, this might be a minor complaint, but it could have a faster data refresh rate when a live analysis is being done. Once in a while, you might miss something. Therefore, to be sure, it is probably a good idea to run it several times.

 actron cp9690 autoscanner

4Actron CP9690 Purchasing Tips

Like with any OBD2, it is important to double-check your vehicle. Make sure that it has compatible technology before ordering it. That is also true if you are searching for an OBD2 scanner.

Get one that's capable of handling certain OBD1 cars. It is also recommended to have four AA batteries for this scanner. This way, you can start using it immediately when it isn't plugged into your vehicle.

 actron cp9690 product review

There is a reason why CP9690 is so popular. For around $100, you get a complete OBD2 scanner. It is very easy to use and gives you a huge amount of information.

To begin with, it is an excellent scanner. It can be something you can rely on for many years to come. If you are looking for an OBD2 scanner that provides the most for your money and is still user-friendly enough that beginners can use it, then this is it.

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