4-Part Buyers' Review On Actron CP9150 AutoScanner

 actron cp9150 review
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 actron cp9150 autoscanner

Review On Actron CP9150 AutoScanner

OBD2 scanners are renowned for having excellent functionality instead of unnecessary features and looks. It is typical of other scanners to waste money and time on the development of gimmicky features and looks; this is not the case with the Actron CP9150, an OBD2 scanner designed for quick, exceptional, and reliable diagnostics and performance every time. Although this scanner is best handled by experienced users, novices will have an easy time learning how to use the machine as well.

The Actron CP9150 is designed to be simple but very effective in its main function: delivering fast, accurate, reliable diagnostics for a wide range of cars beyond OBD2. And although it has a higher price, it is worth spending the extra amount of money, as it is built to last very long and improve and increase in capabilities as the years go by, thereby providing service even with newer models of cars. As such, with the CP9150, you can go from being a novice mechanic to an expert in an instance.

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1Actron CP9150 Features And Specifications

The CP9150 sports a unique rugged, shop-ready look right from its package, and it backs it up. It has been intricately designed to be ready to use right from the time you remove it from its package; it provides precise information on any kind of diagnostics. It is compatible with OBD2 vehicles from a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. However, it is compatible with OBD1 vehicles, as it comes with an additional cable to accommodate this kind of connection. If you need OBD1 and OBD2 scanning capabilities, this should be your scanner of choice.

The CP9150 is capable of performing more than the OBD2 functions. It comes with a black and white screen from which you can read multiple lines of data at one go. This, in turn, gives you the ability not only to read the code but to clear or modify it, turn off alert lights (such as brakes lights and engine check lights), and much more. And although the screen is somewhat small, it has a stellar interface where the navigation keys are well structured, and they respond very well.

With regards to viewing data, there are multiple ways of viewing data - you can view it in real-time or record for later playback; accessing the data right from the menu is very simple and straightforward. The 9-V battery that the CP9150 has allows its users to view the data even they are not connected to the car. In this regard, you can save multiple data points, data snapshots, and charts and graphs. When in need of a quick emissions check, the CP9150 makes testing an easy endeavor. You simply use the maintenance readiness or monitor status and inspection modes to get all the relevant emission data you need to determine possible issues and, more importantly, to ensure that you are compliant for any upcoming emission inspection.

Beyond these capabilities, the CP9150 has some extra features. For instance, it comes with multiple port cords that match a wide variety of OBD2 and even some OBD1 cars. It also comes with an eight-foot long cable for easier navigation around or over the cars, a cigarette adapter, and a strong protective case. As such, by purchasing the CP9150, you get an always ready-work scanner that can perform fast, handle big loads, and make it easy for you to do your job.

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2Things You Will Love

First and foremost, you will love the simplicity of the CP9150. It has been designed to be simple yet intuitive; the screen, readouts, and menu are equally intuitive and simple. Essentially, the CP9150 lends itself to situations where you want to work in a hurry, and you are in need of a scanner that is ready and easy to use. As such, you do not have to deal with an annoying situation where you have to wait for a scanner.

The support for older vehicles operating OBD1 is another aspect of the CP9150 that you will surely love. There are numerous older vehicles still in operation; some are for new and young drivers, and others are for high-value weekend cars. Considering that such cars require numerous and extensive maintenances, you can rest assured that you will thrive with the CP9150. Additionally, you will love the efficiency of the CP9150 in terms of energy consumption. It does not need a ton of heavy batteries to operate; just a 9-V battery will suffice to keep CP9150 working for an extended period of time.

Finally, you will love the extras included in your purchase of the CP9150. It has a hard carrying case that will protect your device for longer life and easier storage. The long extension cable further improves the usability of the device.

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3The Things You Won't Love

The CP9150 has been designed to be very simple in all aspects. However, the black and white display is quite dated by today's standards, especially when you consider that it is an OBD2 code reader and scanner. The lack of color and small size limits the amount and details of the information that is displayed.

For a scanner with the capabilities of the CP9150, it would be nice if it had a larger and colored screen to increase the display and amount of detail you can analyze comfortably and easily. Obviously, it is expected that Actron will upgrade the screen, moving into the future. However, the small black and white display is all they have now.

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4Actron CP9150 Buyers Advice

It is only right to purchase a high-quality 9-V battery along with your CP9150. This way, you can use it to the fullest from the moment it arrives. Additionally, just as it is with any other scanner, you should make sure that it is compatible with your car or the range of vehicles you are interested in.

You should also explore the OBD1 capabilities. This is to ensure that it meets your needs. You need this capability.

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The Actron CP9150 has been designed to be a high-speed scanner. It is hardy enough to withstand the rigors of being in a garage. It provides a broad range of diagnostic data in a fast and efficient manner.

It also ensures that the data is highly accurate. A capable and speedy OBD2 scanner will up your maintenance and repair game. If you are in need of one with excellent features, the Actron CP9150 should be your number one choice.

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